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    camera move through a sequence of images

      after effects 8.0
      I have a sequence of images that basically animate a move, in a stepping motion (not smooth), from space to earth. does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to create a smooth camera move through all of them as if it's was one fluid motion. I have tried layering them on top of each other, and matching them to make one large picture so that it doesn't lose quality as I zoom in, but zooming into it as the end is not very controllable for slowing it down
      thanks, paul
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          Consider tilting in rather than just "falling" down - show the Earth from one side, move towards it and as you go down "fly" over the map just a short distance before making the final approach e.g. by entering the region of interest over a coastline or something. If you pick some good spots, the transitions inebtween will look interesting enough. Also do not trty too match the laignemnet all too perfectly. Try to work with the viewer's anticipation and then surprise him by adding some extra image inebtween that may seem like a detour, but ultimately reveal a more interesting path to the final target. You can also move the 3D camera in such a fashion that it may seem to pick up areas that may not seem relevant at first, only to turn in on the right target rather late before actually reaching that target/ waypoint.

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            http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial.html?id=15 is very good on this.

            http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/tutorials/index.cfm?featureID=1618 may also help.
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              I have to go into a specific spot on the earth from space. Each image, all the same size, is a picture getting closer to the end target. I have tiled them together so that doing a camera move into them maintains the quality when i reach the end "last image" within the tiled layers. So, for example, If I have two key frames for the move, the start of the zoom is fine, but when I get to the end of the move there is a significant jump between the second to last and the last frame. Besides any creative interpretation as to how that camera goes, I will still have this issue, unless there is something i am missing in accomplishing this task. By the time I tile the last image, it is really really tiny in size. I am assuming that the issue is to do with the math of size to distance ratio. So is there any other way that i can create this move. In the end, I want to have a lot of control over the camera move in terms of ramping its speed in to the end spot.
              This is a hard one to explain. Thanks for your input
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                Thanks David. Will take a look at that and learn something new.