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    AE CS3 Crashes after every render with Apple ProRes 422 HQ

      I'm rendering some green screen shots with composited backgrounds (short clips, only 10-20 seconds max) and After Effects will crash after every render of footage that has been exported from Final Cut to Apple Pro Res 422 HQ codec. The original footage was Sony EX1 codec, but as I say - was converted before importing into AE.

      It will also not let me do batch renders, and will only get a few seconds in to the render. After every time it crashes, it tells me that it saved a copy of the render, and then usually gives me a message about how AE quit unexpectedly and I have the option of reporting or relaunching.

      I have 12 Gb of Ram in my MacPro with 2x3.2 Ghz Quad-Core Xeon processors and the latest OS.

      AE behaves normally when i animate some Illustrator or Photoshop files and render to various codecs and will not crash. Any suggestions?