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    ! vectors look pixelated when zooming in


      I have imported map of the World made in vectors (an Illustrator .AI file)
      into AfterEffects CS3.

      And here is a problem -
      When I see whole map in composition, it's OK.
      But when I zoom into some specific country using Camera or Scale tool, the
      map becomes pixelated and blurred.

      Ok, if I would be doing this in Photoshop, it would be obvious that raster
      image becomes blurred when I'm scaling it, but as I'm doing this in
      AfterEffects, which has vector paint itself and is supporting vectors, I
      would expect that AfterEffect could render vectors of the map properly.

      Is this some specific option that I should switch on?

      It's a very burning project, so any help would be highly treasured.
      Thanks in advance,