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    Help...memory error

      Help...getting desperate. I have a somewhat heavy comp in After Effects CS3. I'm getting a memory error I can't seem to sort out. I've tried adjust the memory cache size numerous times but to no avail. I'm running WinXP64. Here's the error I'm getting every time:

      After Effects: not enough memory to create Text Engine Data.
      (1K requested, OK available)
      ( 76 :: 0 )

      I also get an error every time when rendering that is related to winogl.dll or rg.dll. I have no idea what that means. I have one single frame that I can not render out because of this error...argh!

      Any help or tips greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Please see my answer over at CGTalk and do not cross-post in the future. It's unproductive. Your openGL errors can be eliminated by turning off AE's openGL usage alltogether, I would think, as obviously your system is unable to fullfill the requested operations when you use hardware accelerated effects and functions.

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            Thanks but cross posting is just fine. Its not like I posted in 20 forums. Many people may visit one forum vs. another and I was looking for a quick answer.

            I tried turning off OGL but to no avail. It doesn't appear to be related to a font either. I'm using quite a few qt files so I may opt for image sequences instead...maybe one of the qf files is buggy.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Yeah, it wasn't meant as an accusation, but often people will open a plethora of threads on Creative COW, DMN , CGTalk and god knows where and never check back, so in the end nothing is achieved at all. Therefore, regardless of where you feel you get the smartest answers, the good thing to do is to stick with one forum and you certainly could do worse than the official Adobe one. ;-)

              What CoDecs do you use in your QTs? hardware acceleration is also employed by MediaCore, so the supposed OpneGL errors could actually be decode errors on the source files. If they were captured on a Mac and then transferred to PC, this might potentially cause a few problems.

              Short of that - do you perhaps use any odd combinations of layer styles, continuous rasterization and 3D layers along with DOF and motionblur? Should not happen, but ultimately it's imaginable that it eats up all your memory and leaves no room for the text...