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    How to see the handles for each keyfram at graph editor

      I am reading Creating Motion Graphics with AE and there is an example at chapter 4 that shows how to work with graph editor. When I open the exercise file for this chapter and I follow exactly the way the book is telling to do it works. I am opening the graph editor and adding an easy ease to the first keyframe. When I do this I do see the handles to ajust the animation. But if I create a circle and make an animation when I open the graph editor and add an easy ease to the first keyframe I dont see the handles.

      First of all, using the book´s example I only see one white line at the graph editor and when I create a form or even import an image I see two lines: one green and the other red.

      what am I doing wrong?
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          I don't quite follow. Items that have no animation will not show any handles, no matter whether it's the temporal or spatial graph. If they are animated, it depends on how you animate them. If you transform the layer by animating position/ rotation/ scale, their value graphs will show up in the editor, but in case of the position they will not be editabel. Only the speed graphs will be. If you animte stuff using internal plugin controls such as the cross-hair, the value graphs will be black if only one of them is selected or have random colors assigned to them if multipel ones are being worked on. Speed graphs will by default be white in such cases. Only the transform properties have the fixed red/blue/green scheme.