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    Camera, Video Track, and Images Question

      Hi All,

      I am using After Effects with Avid to create some transitions between video clips and images.

      What I have been doing is importing my video clip, adding it to a composition, making it a 3D layer, and then adding my image layers alongside the video layer, just outside the composition area (so I cannot see the image, just the wireframe of it). I then add subsequent images alongside that first image, and keep having the camera move. However, it becomes difficult to keep track of layers when you're working outside of the composition area.

      What I WANT to do is just scale down all these layers so they fit into the composition window in the front view, which would make it much simpler to visualize where everything is. This would be very simple if I was working ONLY with images. However, the problem is that once I scale down the video layer, getting the camera to line up perfectly with it is extremely difficult, and it needs to be exact for everything to line up smoothly back in Avid after the export. Is there an easy way to automatically frame the video layer within the view of the camera? Or another workflow altogether? There has to be a simpler way that I am overlooking...thanks in advance for help.