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    Promblem with Exporting SWF, Text animation file to Dreamweaver ->color changed???

      After exporting a Flash SWF text animation with layers of effects to Dreamweaver I get this red or green haze around the text when I animate it through Dreamweaver. Now I tried rendering this and I don't see the use doing so since I am exporting it in different format. List of things I tried below so far.

      1.color management on or off _> get same problem
      2.pre-comp then export to SWF _> get same problem
      3.Project settings work space, tried adobe RGB and few others _>get same results.

      Under the effects tab I am using Basic 3D, Bevel Edges, Layer Control(which I thought could help), Drop Shadow. Under LAYER styles tab I am using more Drop shadow, Bevel and Emboss, and Blending Options.

      I spent countless hours in including a whole day re-doing my text animation because I could not get rid of a red or green back ground color that sits around my text. This does not show in Effects but will show once I export it. Went through help file, and support site in adobe.com is uselss. I spent the past 6 6 to 10 hours a night days teaching myself this program and creating stuff. I understand it well, but right now I am stumped.

      Sorry for the detail but you help would be very appreciated.
      Thank You,
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          A screenshot may help diagnose your problem. Exporting a SWF isn't really useful for anything but vector work and the minute you added layer effects you added raster effects that should be moved into Flash via the Render Cue rendering a FLV file that is then converted to a SWF file in Flash.

          I'm not sure what you mean by animate in DreamWeaver. Does the animation show the same problems in the htm file that is generated when you export a swf out of AE? If it's OK there I expect that Dreamweaver is having trouble with the alpha channel when you're trying to move it around. I've never tried moving a swf around, and I rarely use File>Export for anything in AE because using the Render Cue is so much better.

          There's a Tutorial Video on the Adobe site that may help. The steps to bring raster or image content into flash is thoroughly explained.

          BTW, all of this stuff is in the help files.
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            Thanks for the reponce Rick, The reason I use SWF its a lot easier to create flash banners things like this and add them into my web site which I am creating with DreamWeaver. I never used FLV I don't know how good or easy it would be to use as a flash banner I will show you a picture of it in AF. When I say "animate in DreamWeaver" I mean that its a animated banner, below are some pictures I took. My porject animation I used is scale up word FFX.

            I'm not sure were the green effect came from, but might have something to do with brightness. I know I had a problem with a flash banner I made and by ajusting the GLOW in one of the effect panels it fix the problem. This is different since I am not using any type fx which includes glow. Again below are some direct links you might have to paste them in the explorer I already test them and they seem to work here.


            The bottem picture below is through flash player. It don't make a difference once I export the SWF file and transfer it to Dreamweaver or flash or any other program it will have a green color behind it. Last time I had red all around the words instead, but I tossed that project out and start over with this one hoping it would fix it.


            I rather not do FLV, because this will auto play once as a flash banner. Like some banner effects off sites.
            Thanks for your help.
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              Did you look at the tutorial?

              When I output for flash I usually have motion blur and effects so I always use the Render Cue an export a FLV. The FLF is imported into the stage in Flash and a swf is created by using the publish option. All of this is covered in the tutorial and if you do nothing but import your FLA, size the stage to fit the content, and publish, the swf will loop.

              In most cases I add a little action script to control the timing of the repeats. This gives me much cleaner files. I can easily create an animated banner where the timing of the elements is controlled by Action Script that's about one tenth the size of one created by using Export directly from AE.

              There's a great tutorial here that goes over the basics. The tutorial is actually creating an animated rollover, but the principals are the same for animated banners. The tutorial is just one of many good tutorials at GoToAndLearn.com.

              I think the problem with your exported files may be related to DreamWeaver and alpha channels. I'd drop a background layer into your Comp to eliminate the problem. That should solve the color fringing problems.
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                Ok, I will watch the video try out some things in the video. I tried rendering the banner as FLV file, but after doing so and transporting the file in DreamWeaver I don't get any reponse in dreamweaver from the file or even in preview on the website it shows up blank. I also changed the background color in the banner just to see what happend.

                I notice the green haze color is over the background color. I don't understand when you to make the background a layer should solve me problem. I mean I understand what a layer is but to change the backgroud color as a white layer might not work. Please explain.

                Thanks for your advice.
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                  I'd just add a white solid to the comp and put it on the bottom. I think your green tint would go away. If it shows up then it's part of the layer effects.
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                    This is what I did I rendered it as a flash video. I opened it up through Adobe Flash and went through the video import menu. (Which puts me through these steps for importing into flash) I picked under the "deploy your video option menu," Embed video in SWF and play in timeline. Since I have no audio I have nothing to worry about. Then after I finally import it on the top right hand corner it shows color and swatches.

                    I picked solid color white for the back ground then export it as a movie. And now DreamWeaver dectects it and works great I don't see the green haze anymore. The only thing that looks odd to me is that since my web-site has a white back ground. You can tell when its playing through the local web-site that it looks like a movie it doesn't blend in. The other way by just importing it from AFCS3 as a SWF file It would blend in the background white more. It will have to do until I understand this stuff better.

                    As you can tell I am still a beginner at this stuff, but I was able to complish more then most people did and made some nice banners with exporting SWF among other things within 2 weeks of having this software. my site is not uploaded yet to my domain but hoping within the next week I should have it done and I did it all with Adobe CS3 software.

                    If you ever want to check it out when its finally uploaded to my domain I am renting.

                    Thanks for your advice and help. Its a good thing that I had Adobe Flash. Thanks for the web-site links I have one for you its not that best but the guy who explains how to use the software explains it clear and makes it simple.