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    smoothness of 60fps in 25fps comp.

      hi all,

      i work in pal format with 25 fps. i have created a composition (animation comp) where in i have made a animation with black and white to be used as matte. i want the animation to be smooth and fast so i increased the speed to 60fps. the resulting animation appears very smooth. now when i apply the same animation as set matte in other composition (final comp. with 25 fps) the final effect doesn't appear smooth and fast, since it is 25fps.

      now what should i do to get smooth and fast motion as animation comp. with 60fps. i tried to decrease the distance between the keyframes keeping it 25fps but its not as smooth as 60fps.

      i want the smoothness of animation comp. (60fps) in the effect in my final comp. (25fps). is there a way to do it?

      thanks in advance,