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    Flapping / Waving Text

      Hi all,
      Sorry about this, still new to AE7.
      I have a American flag on loop flapping in the wind which I will use for my background.
      I have then created text and used the Aplha Matt so the text burns through the flag. (So only the text is showing with flag inside the text)

      But how do you then make the text flap and wave in time with the flag.
      The reason why I will be bringing in the American flag upto 100% opacity 3 seconds from the end.

      Thankyou josel
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          To do so would be really difficult.

          There are many ways to simulate the distortion of a windswept flag in AE - try Wave Warp or Turbulent Displacement. But matching the artificial distortion to the existing flag footage would be almost impossible.

          It would be easier to start with a flat flag and use AE to generate the "flapping" effect on the flag AND text. That way, the distortion of both objects would match up.

          More on AE distortion effects in the AE documentation:

          http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/AfterEffects/8.0/WS3878526689cb91655866c1103a9d3c597-7b8b. html
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Andrew is right, going fully synthetic is way easier in this case, especially for a beginner. It's possible to pin stuff to very heavily warped shapes, but it almost always involves a lot of drawing mask and retouching using paint tools plus it would require some extra tools/ plugins, all of which are not included in AE, like e.g. a proper bi-directional Displacement effect or pixel-motion based warping tools. So if you're not producing this for a Hollywood movie and have the pressure on, try to find a simpler way that fits your budget and skills.

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              Navarro Parker Level 3
              Check out Zaxwerk's 3D Flag.