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    Can anyone help - Need a .aep 6.5 Pro file

      Hello All;
      I am creating a video for a manager who is retiring from a technology company (NASA). I need a very cool way to place a title (of varying length) on the screen. I am a little familiar with After Effects 6.5 but really havn't done anything like this before. Project has a short turnaround time (Must be completed by tomorrow evening).

      I wonder if anyone has any cool .aep file that can place a title on the screen that I could use and also learn from? Ya know - something that people would look at and say WOW. It would have to work under AE 6.5 Professional.

      If you have someting cool or a cool concept that you wouldn't mind letting me use, please email the .aep file to william.t.dedula@nasa.gov.