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    how do i tweak the animation curves?

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1
      erm... this sounds like a really basic question but i can't seem to smooth out animation curves nicely.

      a simple example is text coming in from the LHS going to one kf bouncing back left to another, then one more bounce and of to the right.

      so x pos changes only, and there are 4 kfs.

      i want the movement to really slow down at the change of direction points (kfs 2 and 3) and i've tried all the spatial and temporal kf options but none slowed it down as smoothly as i wanted.

      i really wanted it to go really slow at this point, like a ball being thrown into the air.

      i always thought the graph view could edit curves with bezier handles but i didn't seem to get any handles at all.

      what am i missing here?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          For slow stops, simply use the Easy Ease keyframe assistant. For the rest - keep in mind that AE treats temporal and spacial interpolation separately for the position property. Adjustments in the comp window will never change the speed, only in the graph editor can you do that using the velocity graphs. For a proper soft motion with stops inbetween, the graph should more or less look like a collection of rolling hills, which is what you get using the keyframe assistant anyways.

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            Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
            I keep hoping for a separate graph editor window - until then, you can use Shift+F3 to toggle back and forth between timeline and graph editor
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              Dan Jacobsen Level 1
              thanks guys, sorry for the delay in reply.

              easy ease isn't giving me smooth enough curve. looking at the graphs i'd like a flatter curve on kfs on the value graph.

              can you not edit tangents on the value graph?

              on the speed graph i can edit tangents but i don't seem to be able to get what i want. my speed graph looks like a curve falling down to zero then a sharp corner taking the curve back up, then curving around before coming down again. a bit like a ball bouncing along the floor.

              if i change the tangents to try to smooth it out it pushes up the curve and makes it more jagged.

              basically, can i increase the amount of easy ease anyhow?