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    wierd crash when try to put any file to the composition

      Hi everybody!

      I have the following problem:
      After Effects works fine for me, until one day it just started to crash when I tried to drag and put any type of file on the composition window!
      Ok, the wierd stuff is that when I work an old project or staff it is all right, until I try to put any file from the project window down to the composition!
      I tried everything- re install adobe creative suite, remove codecs, update audio and video drivers, even I re install my windows at a point, and then I made a clean instalation of adobe creative suite and it works fine the first 3 days and then suddenly, without any obvious reason - BAAMm! again the same thing - and I am really depressed cause spend days of reading forums, looking for a decision but any ideas how to solve it!
      If somebody can help me, thanks in advance!

      Adobe Creative Suite CS 3
      Intel Duo Core 2 ghz
      3,25 G Ram
      Windows XP 64b
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Did you delete the prefs? If yes, then please provide some more info on the CoDec of the source files and how they are stored. Do you use a RAID setup? Is your install in a non-default directory? Do you make use of AE's disk cache? Where is the cache located? Did you attempt to purge all disk caches? From your description it very much sounds like a corruption of the disk cahce or mediacache, eitehr due to the disk having driver issues or simply getting full, but you never know...