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    (Help) Black edge on export to WMV

      When i use the render queue to export to WMV im getting a black line on the top and bottem of the video. Playing with settings has made no effect.
      My friend who made the file in AE7 can export no problems.

      I am using CS3, and i need to export this file with no black lines.

      Any fix's?
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          It wold help if we knew a little more about your project. Things like comp size, pixel aspect ratio's and render settings.

          You may have to create a new square pixel comp that's a standard WMV video size, then drag your composition into this new comp for rendering. Some codecs and compression schemes are very particular about the size of the frame.
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            Make sure the pixel aspect ratios in the WMV exporter panel matches the one used in the composition. They are two separate settings due to the nature of how it is implemented and even if you use a correct square comp, the exporter module may mess up settings because it changes the PAR. Also take care to use the same versions of MediaPlayer/ WMV on both systems. Differences in the version may result in minute variations that likewise can cause a number of oddities...