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      I have had issues downloading the trial to this program for the past few days now and every time I download the software I am given a error stating that there was a problem during the download and it was not installed properly and I need to uninstall and reinstall the program. I have reinstalled the trial countless times now and I have now come asking for any suggestions as to why this error continues time after time.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, the installer package is damged. That's a given. As to why it is, is very much a mystery, but check the following:

          - Is some virus scanner running?

          If yes, temporarily turn it off. It may scan the file before the download is complete and thus mess up the "parts".

          - How are you downloading?

          If you use a third party download manager (FlashGot, Leechget or whatever), turn it off. They may use too many synchronous connections and/or assemble the file incorrectly. They may also interfere with Adobe's (Akamai's, respectively) load balancing.

          If you use the Adobe Download Manager (lovingly called ADM - surprise, surprise), make sure it is not bumping into your firewall. It may be a good idea to turn off firewalls while downloading. This however only extends to third-party products such as Zone Alarm, not Windows' own firewall (which is passive and should not interfere).

          Likewise, if your DSL Router/ modem has firewall functions, you may need to release ports via the configuration software or turn it off entirely for this short duration.

          - Do you share your Internet connection?

          Due to packet collisions and bandwidth bottlenecks, parts of your file may get damaged. So kick out any stuff that you don't need for this time. There's no need to be connected to XBox live 24/7...

          - Is your system up to snuff?

          If you are downloading to a full disc, obviously the download may never be complete due to insufficient space available. therfore do a little housekeeping. Clean the disc and defragment it. All these options are available via the right-click menu when you select a drive.

          - Is the system "clean"?

          Because of your previously failed attempts, your system may be "polluted" by installer fragments. You may need to run the CS3 clean scripts to get rid of that.

          If all the above do not apply or your countermeasures fail, find someone who may have install discs. The full version can be installed without a serial to give a trial period and the trial is often included on discs bundled with magazines that feature AE tutorials. Discs are also handed out on roadshows and tradeshows, so certainly you should be ablke to find some way.