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    Adobe won't honor software

      I brought aftereffects professional 7 last year. My 6-year computer died, so I purchased a new one. It is the same operating system XP. I put in the software and nothing happened. Called Adobe. First they said they would give me a link. Today, they said I have to buy new software. Adobe will not honor software that is one year old. Has this happened to anyone?
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          Hey Yvonne, do you have the physical installation disks or did you do an internet download of the software from Adobe?

          If you have the disks, I can't imagine why you need anything from Adobe as After Effects 7 is XP compatible.
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            Do you have a proper proof of purchase? Did you register the software after the purchase on Adobe's site? Unless the software is from some shady source, by all rights you should be eligible for support requests and, if necessary, new activation options and serials. I'd definitely look around if you can find all the old invoices and e-Mails somewhere...

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              The answer is yes to all. I was told today to purchase new software. It is not just after effects, the same thing happened to premiere pro 2 and dreamweaver CS3. Althought with dreamweaver CS3 which is a month old, I was told I would be new software now I am being told to contact them again regarding dreamweaver. I have been calling Adobe since Monday. No dice.
              For the record I brought After Effects January 2007. I have only installed it once. Why don't you call adobe and tell them you are installing after effects on a new computer, and the computer does not recognize it. For the record I taped the last phone call. I will eventually place this on youtube.
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                Keep your cool. Uttering threats is not going to resolve anything. And for the record: recording phone calls without the consent of the person on the other end is a punishable act in most countries of the world, so if you make a stink on YouTube, Adobe can have your scalp.

                I'm not sure what you have done so far, but certainly all your software would be identifyable by the serial, which should be the second or third thing any support person should ask you before moving on to more specific matters. If that is not the case, then I can only advise to try again. They will tell you what to do.

                In case your numbers are blacklisted, they will also tell you why and then - and that's the part you won't like - you will have to take it up with whoever sold you the software. There is a number of combinations that will make your software "illegal" such as forged OEM versions or other falsified copies, OEM versions that were not properly bundled with hardware and sold separately or discs taken out of suites. As harsh as this sounds - if one of this applies, you have fallen victim to a scam and need legal counsel that is beyond the scope of this forum or what any Adobe support rep can do for you.

                Should neither of the above apply to your situation, then I don't know what and where things are going wrong.