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    BUG:  Comp Size to FLV Size Problem in AE CS3.

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1
      Hi There,

      I just found a bug in AE CS3 that really is unacceptable in terms of QA coming from Adobe.

      I have a comp size that is 859 X 219, and when I use the Make Movie command to render out an FLV, the actual dimensions of the FLV are NOT the same as the AE comp size. When I use the FLV as the source param for the FLVPlayback component and check "Match source FLV dimensions", the resulting size is 858 X 218! That's right, one pixel difference--and that's why I'm posting this, because I doubt that many people have noticed this.

      The work around is to export the comp as an uncompressed video format (which takes HUGE amount of disk space), and then use the FLV encoder provided with Flash. When I use the file that the stand-alone Flash encoder churns out, the FLV dimensions match the uncompressed video file (in my case and AVI).

      Isn't this a basic QA issue that Adobe should have looked over before releasing an "all-integrated" suite of software?

      Get it together guys!