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    AE 6 Tracking help!

      Hi there,

      Great forum ;)

      I'm having a huge problem with AE 6 tracking controls, I'm trying to recreate an effect from videocopilot.net but my tracking options do not work, all the options seem to be greyed out....


      I cannot select Track Type, Position, Rotation well nothing really...

      Hand is the source footage I want to track the motion from I can't get my head around it. I've tried using a Null object but the options remain the same. Any clues would be very much appreciated..

      Thank you!
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          It's been a long time since 6, but I think you need to start a new track. You do tracking in the layer window, not in the comp window. To get there double click the Hand.dv footage layer in the Timeline window or right click on the layer and select Track Motion.

          Once you're in the layer window you should see Track 1 as the Current Track. If you don't then go to the animation menu and select track motion.

          Come to think of it AE6 may have Track Motion under another menu item, but it should be there somewhere.
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            If Rick's tips don't provide enough progress, simply close the tracker palette. Then open the layer window and call up the Tracker palette again from the "Window" menu. For some odd reason it sometimes will get into this locked state if the palette is open before the layer window. It also helps to already have another layer in the comp that serves as the target. If I recall correctly, the lack of a target would also prevent the tracker from releasing its controls in older versions sometimes.

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              Thanks for the replies, I've used the tracker before in other projects but it's been a while, funny the things you forget! I'm using AE 6 for video but I also have CS3 of which I use for graphics mainly because CS3 is very slow on my system (for playback and rendering of video). Thanks again!!
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                If you have CS3 already, you might want to invest in a better video card and/or some more RAM so that it isn't "slow on your system". I think that you'll find it much more robust (and all of the included plugins) which make it attractive to work on.

                I just remembered tho'... I think there were a number of plugins that you needed to purchase upgrades for to get from AE6 to AE7.

                Still, the tracker alone would be worth switching to AECS3 for the project at hand.