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    Clips Freeze!


      Very often when I try to use clips from Andrew Kramer's Evolution, the clips freeze in After Effects. The rest of my animations will play fine. A flourish for example, will just appear without being 'animated' on, or it will skip lots of frames, or the content will simply disappear from the comp, while remaining on the timeline.. This happens to many different clips from the Evolution pack, and I can't understand why?? The clips play fine in quicktime...

      I tried rendering out my comp and the same happens..

      Any ideas???
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          What version of AE do you use and which OS? There are some conditions where the PNG-CoDec used in the clips will cause iisues in older versions of AE, both on Wiundows and Mac. Have you tried converting the clips in QT Pro, say to the animation CoDec?

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            I'm using After Effects cs3 ( on a mac.. The problem is unpredictable.. it only happens sometimes.. and never in a consistent way. I suppose I'll try converting the clips in QT, but there are lots of them, so that will take a while, but if I have no choice then I'll do that.

            Do you know if there is a fix, or update that corrects this problem?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Well, those things will have to be fixed in Quicktime itself, if they are known to the mighty Apple... The only thing you could try is to disable or modify the settings for hardware acceleration and legacy CoDec usage, perhaps that can resolve your immediate problems without extra conversions.