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    annoying aspect change when dragging through comps

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1
      hi all,

      now i don't really know much about this side of AE, so bare with me...

      you know when you drag through a comp that hasn't been rendered for ram preview and the res drops to a quarter or so?

      well firstly can i get around this somehow? using a better gfx card or something? is it something to do with enabling open gl? i don't really know what this is.

      and also, the quicktimes i've imported that have come from autodesk's smoke (exported as uncompressed quicktimes) go into a really irritating letterbox when dragged.

      i work almost completely in pal widescreen and set interpret footage to this. but when i drag through the footage in a comp the aspect seems to change to about 75% vertically.

      any ideas what setting i can change to get rid of this?

      footage that i've brought in from avid or black magic don't do this aspect change thing.