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    (Help) After Effect 7.0 error 5027 :: 12

      My After Effect can't render into mpeg2, it always return this error message even if it's just a one empty 30 second composition.

      After Effects: AEGP Plugin Media IO Plugin
      There is a mismatch between Output Module settings and Transcode Settings. Please verify your settings and try again.Property Data Invalid!
      MediaIO2 error: 0x400e0004
      Frame dimensions out of bounds

      (5027 :: 12)

      Someone please help me, what I must do so I can render normally
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Huh? What are the comp settings? They must be 720x480 for NTSC or 720x576 for PAL with teh respective correct pixel aspect ratios. Also make sure to disable/enable audio as needed in bothe the main Output Module settings >>>and<<< the MPEG-II exporter (just in case this will be the next error that pops up.

          also see here: http://mylenium.de/ae_errors/ae_errors_50xx_formats.html

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            Mylenium, thanx for the advice. But I just realize that it must be 720x480 for NTSC. Coz usually I can render NTSC MPEG2 in any resolution without any trouble. I've tried to change the comp settings and it's worked. Thanks a lot Mylenium.