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    After Effects Error: Unable To Allocate Space...

    Joey Morelli Level 1
      I have never seen this before...I am stumped.

      I am on After Effects 8.0.2 on a PC at work (Windows XP Pro 2002 SP2 / Intel Xeon 3.6 Ghz / 3.25 GB RAM) and I keep getting the following error when rendering:

      "After Effects Error: Unable to Allocate Space for 4290 x 4590 image buffer"

      My Comp is nowhere near that size (1280 x 720) nor is anything in it (PS document 1200 x 1500 / 720p video / solids are comp size). I have reset Cache sizes until I am blue in the face / have enabled Disk Cache / dumped preferences / cursed at the machine / nothing works.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated...thanks.