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    Adding subtitles?


      Any advice on how to add subtitles?

      I'm creating an animatic within AE (1280 x 720 HDTV), and will be including a subtitle bar at the bottom.

      I'm thinking about creating a final comp, containing only text information which will be applied as a final pass.
      Should I create the text layer directly inside AE, or perhaps make a series of text layers within photoshop and bring this in?

      Or perhaps there's a completely different way i'm overlooking...

      Not sure what the best approach would be, or where to begin.

      Are there any tutorials, templates out there that could start me in the right direction?


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          Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
          The thing about subtitles is that you need to make sure they're correct, laid out properly so that you can read them easily, and have made it through the gauntlet of approvals that are probably necessary to ensure that you don't get anything lost in translation.

          You may want to lay them out in a simple text editor for translation purposes.

          You might need to split some of the words onto separate lines, or in different groupings depending on the breaths and meanings.

          Answer, it's a tough job in either AE or PSD.
          I like the kerning and leading better in AI, but for timing purposes, AE would be best.

          IF you have budget, send it to a captioning house to burn it in

          (Have you checked http://labs.adobe.com to check out the new speech to text in Soundbooth?

          Speech to text Powerful speech recognition technology converts audio to searchable text. Each word links to a specific timecode helping you quickly navigate files.)
          -look under Product Details
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            Level 1
            Thanks for the reply, Ko Maruyama

            "You might need to split some of the words onto separate lines, or in different groupings depending on the breaths and meanings."

            Exactly!.. Yes, this is the sort of subtlety and exactness i'm interested in solving.

            I would have many questions to ask of this process, including the aspect of flagging this for DVD purposes, ie: to be included within the on/off Captioning menu. (might be a DVD Encore functionality)

            For now, I'm at the begining stages of this personal project.

            I've written most of the dialogue, and will be incorporating the imagery, which will no doubt change depending on the final look/ flow.

            I was hoping that there was an existing method/template for adding subtitles in AE.. Surprising that there isn't !

            Thanks again

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              Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
              There is a template - if your entire script is <silence>  ;)<br /><br />Check the new features in Adobe Soundbooth (you'll need a PC or Intel-Mac).  It's not a "template", but it might help you - especially if you're running unscripted. (make sure the audio track is in English, and you might need to clean it up a bit first... good thing there are tools for that in Soundbooth)
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                Jeff S GP2 Level 1
                Thanks, Ko Maruyama

                I've checked out Soundbooth.. Seems like a good tool for audio.
                At the moment I'm just focusing on adding text(subtitles) within my project.

                Ideally it would be great to incorporate a complete script of dialogue, whereby one would designate the time/duration of text to appear.

                It looks as though everything will have to be inserted/keyframed manually

                thanks for the info.

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                  Personally, I'd be far more inclined to use DVD subtitles rather than hard-burning them into your program, especially if the end product is going onto DVD anyway. That way the viewer has the choice, and you have the option of alternate languages further down the track.

                  You can generate them in Encore DVD or DVD Studio Pro.

                  There are also numerous applications on the market designed specifically for creating subtitles if you have the budget and workload to warrant the purchase.

                  Some include: