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    RED Stock Footage?

      Does anyone have recommendations on where to find RED stock footage? I've done some searching but haven't found many resources. Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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          Not sure. If you haven't checked Stu Maschwitz blog (prolost.blogspot.com) and followed the various postings on some of the test shootings, then give this a spin. I believe a sizeable array of footage was available during some editing contest a while back. Beyond that I don't know of any external sources other then RED themselves. But what can you expect? Even though the camera is reasonably priced (within the target audience), the workflow around it still requires some rather expensive equipment and the peopel able to use it may not wish to share or cannot share when they work on all those commercials and the next big blockbuster movies.... ;-)

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            You mean stuff that was shot with the Red camera systems? ArtBeats and Juice have both announced products but they may not be released yet.,

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              Yeah, if you register for Opencut 2.0 at Opencut.org you send them your hard drive and they'll load it with 120 fps Red footage for the contest, deadline to enter fast approaching. Entries (final cuts) need to be posted by August 22nd for judging. I think the current fee is $75.00 plus shipping, and it's subject to the Creative Commons license. Not a bad price for hours of Red footage to play with.
              I entered Opencut 1.0, which was only $30.00, for editing a short film called "Susannah." It worked great with Final Cut Studio 2.0 and the necessary plugins and utilities. I learned a lot so it was more than worth the small fee. The final entries are all on Vuze.com under the Opencut channel for your viewing pleasure.
              They have some Adobe plugins available too. There is a forum with 4K workflow info here: www.reduser.net and the red.com site has the Red utilities and plugin downloads...
              The Opencut forum at reduser.net has lots of info and there is also a Google group...
              Since Final Cut and most other apps we use don't support R3D natively, you end up working with QuickTime proxies, and the higher res QT proxies of the Red footage are very beautiful on my high-res MacBook Pro display.
              I believe there is another editing contest or two besides Opencut, for Red editors, so try a Google search.
              Since it's under the Creative Commons license, you can use your final cut in your demo reel or even enter it in film festivals, as long as you give proper credit to the producers, cast, and crew, etc.
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                RedRelay has lots of fantastic stuff, but I don't think it's royalty free. However, if you're looking to experiment with a Red workflow (and since you specified "RED" as opposed to just "4k," I'm assuming that might be the case) this is a perfect one-stop shop.

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                  Thanks everyone, really appreciate the RED resources.
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                    RED is cool stuff. Please keep us posted if you find anything related to After Effects and RED support...
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                      Another pretty kewl resource is http://www.mammothhd.com/MHD_RED1.html

                      There's a small but pretty legit collection on there. I'm guessing there will be a ton more popping up shortly.


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