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    After Effects CS3 crashes with Windows Vista Ultima after importing any file!!! HELP!

      I had Windows Vista Home Premium, after format....I have now Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, and still have the same problem (After Effects CS3 crashes with Windows Vista Ultima after importing any file, .jpeg, .mov, .mpeg, .avi, etc)

      My machine features NOW:

      Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bits
      Intel Core 2 Duo 1.5 Ghz
      2 GB DRR2 (667 mhz)
      160 Hard Disk
      Video card OnBoard Intel X3100 up to 388 MB (I can run games like COD2, Battlefield 2, Sniper Elite, Aero Windows Vista, etc....and programs like Adobe Premiere CS3 and entire CS3 packet without throubles).
      ****It's a note book HP dv6626US****

      When I open up an example project (that cotains .mov videos and images) I don't have problems! I can view all media files perfect, the problem is only when I want to IMPORT (I can EXPORT good too)

      I undestand that maybe is not the best machine and videocard for video edition...but....AE CS3 shuld be work without problems with my hardware.....Aboe Premiere CS3 works fine!, as well Muvee programs, Sony Soundforge, DVD editors, and others heavy-load programs works great!

      My father have a Desktop PC "Dell Dimension 3000" (Pentium 4 2.2 Ghz, 512 DDR RAM, OnBoard Video Card, Windows XP SP2) and AE CS3 works more slowly....but I can import any file without errors!!

      Is the only problem that I have, the import of media files. The rest of the AE CS3 works fine.

      Thanks for any HELP!!!

      *sorry for my english ;)