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    Going HD 24fps to standard DVD NTSC

      Hey everyone,

      I've been working with HD projects for a couple years, but I now have to bring them to DVD NTSC format to ship out to potential employers. I mainly work in the following format:

      1280x720 HD (Square Pixels)
      24 fps
      Progressive (No Fields)

      So, what's the best way to get this down to proper format (720x480, 0.9 pixel aspect, 29.97 fps) without hiccups and quality loss? I have the Adobe suite, so access to Premiere, AE, and Encore are no problem. HD/Blu-Ray formats are also out of the question. Thanks for the help in advance! :D
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          A simple pulldown should do. Or not? Has worked for movies for decades and is even properly explained in the help.

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            I got it figured out. I know all about the pulldown and have read about it, but the problem was I tried guessing the pulldown in AE and it just wouldn't do it ... no idea why. However, upon bringing it into Premiere, the problem was solved. I guess Premiere does a better job handling pulldowns than AE? Regardless, I'm happy to say it's resolved :-)
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              A. Cobb Level 3
              You are taking your footage from 24 fps to 29.97 fps, right? The pulldown options in the footage interpretation are for
              i removing
              pulldown (i.e. going from ~30fps to ~24 fps). To apply a pulldown to your rendered movie, leave the comp frame rate at 24 fps*, queue the movie to render, and set the pulldown options in the Render Settings.

              *actually 23.976 fps will get you to 29.97 fps once pulldown is applied. 24 fps will give you 30 fps. You might want to adjust either the comp frame rate, which will drop frames, or adjust the render settings, which will slightly change the playback speed, to conform your final movie to 29.97, if needed.