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    Newbie question about keyframing

      I have AE CS3. I'm working on a "lightsaber" fight scene project. I edited my footage in premiere then exported it back to after effects. I'm rotoscoping the lightsaber footage using Andrew Kramer's videocopilot.com lightsaber preset. When I'm rotoscoping one shot (about 5 seconds long of footage) I'm keyframing the start and end position of the stick and going frame by frame until it cuts away to the next scene. The question I have is, when it switches over to the next scene (my other friend with the lightsaber) the lightsaber that I have rotoscoped for the previous shot (the first friend with the lightsaber) ends up in the other screen shot. How do I turn that off. When I turn off the keyframe buttons, it gets rid of the whole keyframe entirely. Basically what I'm trying to find out is the steps that I have to go through in order to keyframe correctly my two friends fighting with the lightsaber. Rotoscoping is easy because of the lightsaber preset, I just need to know how to keyframe correctly in transitioning from scene to scene. Please help