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    lines "sizzle" when they move.  Don't want them to.

      Because I'm doing a lot of animation and moving stills around a lot, this is an ongoing problem.

      I've tried

      reducing contrast so that everything is gray. That helps a little.
      I've tried using the flicker filter in AE and in FCP
      I've tried using motion blur (disaster).
      Various other blurs. (some help).
      I've tried rendering out interlaced and de-interlaced.
      Nothing ever really works.

      To see exactly what I mean, go to


      and watch in high quality.

      scrub in to about 1:18. From there to 1:26, you'll see what I mean.

      This always happens with all lines contained in a still image that I put movement to.

      (the little houses at the end of the clip, when they move, their lines "sizzle" as well.)

      How can I set things up to make this stop?

      (I'm posting on some other forums as well, but I've always been luckiest with this one.)