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    Semi-Transparrent and Embossed Text

      Hi guys, hope someone can help.

      I need to have some large, scrolling text, crawling across the screen.

      Thats not a problem, but I also need it to be embossed AND semi-transparrent - so that you can see the images THROUGH the text, but the images stand out slightly in line with the text emboss.

      Hope I've described what I require OK, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
          If you have After Effects CS3, you can use Layer Styles.

          Within Layer Styles, you can use the bevel & emboss to create the look... then use the Advanced Blending options to change the FILL parameters to something lower than 100%

          Otherwise, you might want to use B&E on a different layer and use blending modes and alpha channels to project it onto the layers below (pitn)
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            Thanks Ko, I've got 5.5 so will see if thats an option :-)
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              Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
              ack - time to upgrade.

              Not an option in 5.5, and I believe you're working with the old text tools as well. (sad face)

              You might be better off to create a PSD that has the type laid out and designed the way you want it, then just drag it across the screen.
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                Well, while it's not going to be as easy, it is still possible. You may wish to create the text in a sufficiently large pre-comp and then use that pre-comp as a normal layer rather than animating the legacy text effects themselves. Or import an Illustrator file or something. Once you have that, use the layer as a matte for your footage in yet another pre-comp. Add additional duplicates of your text and use blendmodes like Add and Overlay on them to modify the color of your cutout footage and give you that glassy feel. For the edges, use the good old Bevel Alpha effect. Similar to the layers themselves, use multiple instances of it or apply it to multiple duplicates so you can tweak the light directions and intensities individually until it looks right and the edges stand out. Use additional filters as needed, e.g. a slight blur on your cutout source footage to give the impression of misted glass. Then simply combine the text with the original comp.

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                  lol Ko, I shall put that to the bill payer! Will endevour with a PSD as suggested...

                  ..and thanks Mylenium, looks like a separate layer would give me more options as you say. Thanks also for your input :)