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    Render Settings

      I'm making an animation in ae of 5 min. with movies and photo's, the purpose is to present it on a beamer with a pc, i really dont' find the right render settings, Untill now I have test anytihing, and the only write one is de .mov MPG4, it is not too big (1,2 GB for 1 min.) and it not lose any quality, but I've the problem that when I want to watch this movie on a pc it dosn't flow write, it keeps hanging every few moments.
      The details: I'm making the animation on a mac, the composition settings I've selected are 1400 x 1200 px D1/DV Pal.
      Please somebody help me!!!

      (my english is not very good... if anything is not clear please ask me then)
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          (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
          Hi heidy.
          I'm guessing by "beamer" you mean "projector"?
          mpeg4 is a compressed format, so actually, you are losing quality, but that's a side issue.

          It looks like you're looking for a format that will allow you to play your movie back over the projector without it stuttering.

          Your composition frame size (1400x1200) is fairly large to expect a smooth playback. The smoothness of playback will not only depend on your codec (i.e. Mpeg4, or H.264, etc...), but also the power of the computer that you are using to play it back. I suggest rendering a smaller comp (maybe try 800x686), and try the mpeg4 again. Or, you can try to encode using the H.264 codec.

          There are numerous options for rendering that may work better for you.

          Also, that frame size is pretty odd. I've never really seen that aspect ratio before. Is there any reason why you're working at that size?

          For more information on rendering, check out the online help files here:


          And, for more info on encoding and compression options, look here:

          Encoding and such
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Well, how are you viewing the MP4 on the PC end? I hope not via MediaPlayer? You should use alternate player tools like VLC instead. Alternatively, blow up the stuff to full HD resolution and use WinDVD to play it back in fullscreen mode. Also make sure to place it on the fastest harddrive on the system. Don't play it back from optical media if possible.

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              thanks a lot
              Projector, thats what I mean :)
              well, thats why I choose for that composition settings, I'm gonna try reduce the size, (I hope I can do that automatically while rendering)
              The quality of the pc (power) has nothing to do with this, because it is going to be an animation for publicity purpose that we gave to someone so they play it on their projector and their pc, so I will not know before what kind of pc that will be.
              I've vieuwed the animation on 2 different pc's (home and work) with quicktime, copying first to the hard disk.
              I think it's then the size of the settings wath gives the prblem, cause it only works on the mac (G5) on my work, the mac at home does not play it good (G4 slow :( .
              Oke, I'm gonna try several things, I thank you for the comments!!!