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    cc cylinder problems in 3d layers

    mr. ichybob Level 1
      Hello, CC Cylinder acts oddly in 3d space, when used as a table leg for example as I move the camera around (seems z axis effects it the most, although the y axis is involved too) it will jump up through the table, shrink down so it doesn't connect or simply disappear.

      I documented this behavior in pictures here

      On Mac dual 2.5 G5, OS 10.4, AE CS3 professional

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Nothing you can do about it. The size of the cylinder is merely a relative percentage calculated based on the distance to the camera in relation to the layer's width and comp width. It will always encompass the whole layer, but that's pretty much the limit of its magic. It's simply the wrong tool for what you are trying to do, I'm afraid. You should instead look into other solutions like mimicing the cylinders with multiple 3D layers or using 3D layers with "shading" gradients, oriented towards the camera.

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            mr. ichybob Level 1
            OK, thank for verifying it wasn't just me. I will do it another way, thanks for the suggestions!