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    position animation jumps out of coordinates in between its destination?


      im in the process of making a commercial so im extremly short with time.

      i have a text that i want to slowly move from one side of the screen to the other.
      i set the orginal point to 274 on the x axis and kept the y the same.

      then i put the end point to 265, and kept the y the same.

      when it plays back, and leaves that 74-65 boundry and goes to 58!?

      (for example... 274.......258.....265) the text looks like it moves one way and then jumps back

      i didnt add any keyframes to cause this...why is this happening? even in some cases, the y axis will jump around a bit too.

      behind my text animation i have a layer with a spining motion blur picture could that be a reason?

      i also have a macbook pro and am running cs3.

      i cant seem to figure out why this simple point to point text animation wont work please help me it would be greatly appreciated :)