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    Do I need Flash CS3 installed to render as FLV?

      I've just downloaded the trial version of AE after reading that it can render to FLV. However FLV is missing from the render formats. SWF is missing too, as are the H.264 formats, but all the other formats mentioned on the help pages appear to be there.

      SWF appears in the export menu ok.

      This is on Vista 32bit and I haven't got any other CS3 apps. I hope I don't need them. I've also tried installing the latest Quicktime but still nothing.

      I've tried different things and searching for a few hours now trying to solve it, but all I could find is 2 other people with the same problem with no solution.

      Any ideas? I've never used AE before, does a composition have to be in someway special for FLV and the other formats to appear?