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    Simple Stupid Question

      I have After Efx CS3. I haev avoided this program for 10 years and now I need something and I think this is the program that can help me but if now please tell me.

      I have 2 pieces of video about 30 secs each. 1 video is of a port tube and the other video is a video of a flame from another port.

      I simply want to place the flame in the port tube. I know there must be an easy way to simply alpha them so the flame comes throught the tube of the other video but I am at a loss.

      Any help or direction appreciated.
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          Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
          You probably need at least 3 layers:

          layer 3 (bottom): port tube original
          layer 2 (middle): flame footage, masked to only necessary video area
          layer 1 (top): port tube, masked to reveal only the front section of the tube.

          In After Effects, you can composite fire by using an unmultiply plugin like Unmult from redgiant software (I think it's still free), or you can try to use a transfer mode like Add or Screen to eliminate the darkest parts of the fire video.

          Unfortunately there usually isn't an easy way to composite fire into something and make it look good. You need to consider the lighting changes that the introduced fire element creates, and it starts to go uphill from there.

          But after 10 years - - welcome to the AE club. There are a lot of tools already in there that will help you get the job done.