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    Can't even install it. Plz help

      Today i downloaded the trail version of AE CS3 on my Vista PC. But when installing it gives me an error saying:
      > There was a problem when unpacking the files. Check the avaible space on the computer and the rights for the destination map.

      I also tried to install on my old pc witch has XP. But still, half-way the installation i get this error. Both pc have enough space left and im logged in with my admin account. The download went perfectly. With my Vista admin account i added the program to the DEP list and also give "Run As Admin". Still the same problem.

      I just installed again, at 100% it gives me the error, but there are no files in the installation map. I only have few file and the setup.exe, when i launch setup nothing appears.

      Greets, Jordy