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    Null Object for certain effect

      Hi everyone,


      Attached is a piece a friend of mine did, unfortunately, he never really tells me how he does things with AEs...So at 4:09 how do I obtain this effect? It's like a cover flow and albums circling the actress. Do I attach a null object and then key frame?
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          Yes, parent the layers to the Null, then rotate the Null. Should give you all you need.

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            A good way to parent a bunch of items around a null like that, rather than parenting them all and moving the anchor and then typing in rotations for each (lord knows I've spent that time) - is to position them all in the same place off to the side of the null, then, say you have 24 albums, rotate the null over 24 frames, then parent album 1 on frame 1, 'page down' to go to frame 2 and THEN parent album 2, etc, etc... each layer gets parented to the null in it relative position at the time of parenting.

            Then change the rotation of the null to suit your animation needs. In this particular case be sure to set every layer to 3d first, and also you'll need to mask the girl so they go behind her.