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    Problem with v 6.0 Pro

      I've had Version 6 installed for quite a while now, and it has worked fine up until today.

      Today when I tried to start it, I got the splash screen and then nothing. I tried again -- again, splash screen and then my desktop.

      So I found my installation disk and tried running a Repair. It reached a point in the repair where it prompted me to "Please insert the disk: 1". Clicking "OK" just simply re-prompted me to "Please insert the disk: 1". So I did the only other thing it offered me -- I hit "Cancel".

      I started the Repair again with the exact same results.

      Next, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the program. No problem with the uninstall, no problem with the reinstall.

      Now when I start AE, it shows me the splash screen and that's all.

      In other words, I'm exactly back to where I started. I can see the splash screen, but I can't do anything else with AE.

      Is there a regclean utility somewhere? There's not one on the installation disc (at least not a readily identifiable one).

      Any other ideas on what might be causing this and how I might fix it?
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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8
          Have you contacted Adobe Technical Support?

          You are entitled to a certain number of free calls for "installation issues, basic usage questions, and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features".

          For information on what free technical support you're entitled to, see this page:

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Have you tried to delete the prefs (Documents and Settings\Billy\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects)? Apart from that I could only think that some media component (Quicktime) is not compatible (updated it lately?). After all, 6.0 is rather old and was never particularly relaible in these matters to begin with...

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              Thanks for the tip, but it didn't work.

              Actually, for the four or five years I've been using it, it's been reliable until today.

              Yes, I did upgrade Quicktime with the most recent version of iTunes. But that would (one would hope) result in some kind of incompatiblity error message, which I'm not getting. It just cycles through all the folders (ending with "Standard Filters"), and then the splash screen and program window just shut down and go away with no further comment or error message.
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                Mmh, well, have you tried to install an older version of QT over your updated one? I tend to think that the differences in how the latest QT version handle legacy CoDecs might affect your "old" AE. have you enabled the respective options in your QT settings at least?

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                  I'm afraid that I should just bite the bullet and upgrade.

                  Frankly, I dislike the idea because it can become such a money pit. I bought Pro version 5 when it still cost $1,500. Then, with version 6, they lowered the price to $900, but raised the cost of upgrades from $99 to $199 to $299. So I got the worst of both worlds, the shortest end of all possible AE sticks, price-wise -- I paid the most ever charged for the program, and I get to pay the most ever charged for the upgrades. At about the same time, I attended a release event where they announced some pricing incentives to owners of AE Standard if they were to upgrade to the Video Suite. When I asked (politely) why Adobe wasn't offering similar incentives to owners of AE Pro, I got an embarassed "I'm just a salesperson, that's not my department" kind of answer, with no hint of "You know, that's a good question, I'll pass it up the line."

                  So spending lots of money with Adobe hasn't been a high priority for me over the last few years. I like their products and find them highly useful, but Adobe has just looked too much like someone with less interest in maintaining long-term customers than interest in sticking their hands as deeply as possible into all available pockets.
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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                    Well, ask people outside the US about Adobe's pricing policy and you'll hear much more on this, not in favor of Adobe I might add... :-| Your point is certainly understandable, but in general Adobe have been very generous with their upgrade policy compared to others - you can even update to CS3 from version 6 without problems. Now try that line on someone using 3D programs such as Maya or MAX and the forced upgrade policy there... I know this doesn't really make your day better, but ultimately you are still in a good situation. Specific to your situation the one piece of extra advice might be that you should perhaps look for a dealer who will give you a free update to CS4 when you buy CS3. After all, public Betas of some of the products being around is a clear sign that CS4 is not that far away anymore...

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                      Got the upgrade today. All is well with the world.

                      Thanks for the help and for listening to the moaning.