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    Student License question

      So I wanted to know, If i make a a video, that has everything legal in it (Audio and so on) with my version of Adobe After Effects CS3 Student license, Can I sell it. NOT work for a company, not anything like that. Just say, oh I like this video of particles tahat I made, can I sell it. Not for a company but by myself, like a freelancer.

      BTW, this may be interting to read. I got it off video copilot.net when I asked

      First Dude Who I talked TO: Actually, I always purchase the student license because I teach an AE class at BYU and the license does allow me to make money on freelance work.

      So, it cannot be purchased by you, then used at an office for another employer, but it can be used by you on your own computer to make money with your own business or as a freelancer.

      That's the best thing about Adobe. They let students use it to make money.

      Having said that, the student license may vary for different universities or schools, so you should read the fine print. I know that BYU has a special deal with Adobe and they are allowed to offer the entire Master Collection for $550. But that is only for BYU students and faculty. Also, I know that their license does allow money to be made, but again (i'm repeating myself) that may not apply to all student licenses.

      Why do you think they allow you to do that? Because the second you make money using their software, you will likely be a lifetime customer. It is worth it to them to allow you use a student license that is cheaper (but still the full software) to make money, because then, in a way, you are trapped and will have to continue to use their software after you graduate. You'll pay full price for the rest of your life, and it is very worth it to them. That is the only reason I teach an AE class, because they don't pay me very well, but I get a sweet deal on software.

      My Reply: Who wants to hear something Bizzare?

      I called adobe and asked them.

      The first lady transferred me to the legal place, or whatever, and he told me that "Oh, well yea we can upgrade you for free, and get you a commercial license. Just let me transfer you back, and tell the person what I said. They should give you a free serial number, and there you go!"

      While being transferred my phone died, and I called back. Now i called the department in which I did the first time, and was NOT transferred. SHe told me that the man was incorrect and that I have to buy a whole new version of AAE.

      Now you guys are telling me this?

      Lemme say, that I am 16. I want to sell movies that I make! NOT WORK FOR PEOPLE. We have legal audio, and all. Just make movies, and sell not. Not for anyone else, but when me and my friends create things. (This being when they begin to look good)

      And I found this http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/openopt ... ed_faq.pdf
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          TradeWind Level 3
          If you go to a student bookstore, or go to one of the online student bookstores like JourneyEd or Academic Superstore, they sell a packaged "Academic/Education Version" that can only be purchased by (usually) k-12 students, college students, faculty and (sometimes) staff of these institutions. Other than the purchasing limitations, there are no other usage (license) limitations on these pacakges. There are usually fewer free 3rd party plugins and fun extras included, but you get a really good price.

          When the next version of the software is released, you can upgrade for the same upgrade price as all the non-educational license holders and start buying commercial licensed software from that point forward (NOTE - there is no education upgrade, so even if you hold education/academic credentials, the upgrade fee - and resulting license - is identical for everyone).

          Now, with that being said, there are other licensing options that Adobe provides to large institutions that do allow employees and students of those institutions to receieve even lower prices, but there tend to be more limitations on the usage for those. As for upgrades, I don't know.

          But simply put - if you purchase an academic software package in a traditional retail store or education store without going through an institutional license program, you can use that software for any work, any time, anywhere.
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            lol, I am just so overwhelmed right now. I bought mine ONLINE, from adobe. (Their online ed. store) IF you want I can give you my school. Can you help me figure this out!
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              TradeWind Level 3
              Sounds like you can use that for any purposes, assuming you purchased it with the proper credentials. Shouldn't be a problem for you.

              Keep this in mind as well...Adobe isn't out there trying to disassemble individuals who were honest in trying to purchase a legal and appropriate license for their purposes. The fact that you are being thorough in your explanation, along with the fact that you purchased directly from Adobe, says to the average person that you are indeed pursuing the correct path.

              Additionally, Adobe isn't going to hold you against any other standard except for the one set forth in your EULA which you agreed to when installing your software.

              Lastly, you could always open your application, click on the "Help" menu option and choose the "About..." link. It will usually state the license on that screen.

              Hope this helps!
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                As Christain said - after the last few revisions of the licnese agreements (which, admittedly I wasn't aware off until this topic came upo here last year or so) it should not pose any problem to make some money with the edu versions. You will just have to buy the full upgrades after you leave the educational circles which at your age may still be a few years away and then be CS7 or CS8, probably. ;-) And since you bought directly from Adobe and thus are already registered, they will certainly offer you some good deals during your student years and beyond....

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                  Awesome. And wait, does that mean since I bought this AAE CS3 Student LIcense, I have to keep buying this all my life? Or...I just misunderstood this part

                  You will just have to buy the full upgrades after you leave the educational circles which at your age may still be a few years away and then be CS7 or CS8,
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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                    No, as long as you can find computers that run CS3 and don't need anything more, you can use it forever. Nobody can legally force you to buy upgrades, at some point you may just not be able to activate it anymore because in 2020 Adobe have switched off the servers for CS3 or so... ;-) At that point latest you will find upgrading a good idea - if Adobe is still around and you are still doing this stuff. But who knows these things - in 2020 Google may run the entire planet or some garage shop may have evolved into Microsoft's and Apple's nemesis. *g*

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                      Sounds good once again lol.

                      As for the Commercial License. I see no difference?
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                        Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                        >As for the Commercial License. I see no difference?

                        Yes, there is no technical difference, you just don't get the discount (or if you will, Adobe's fosterage subsidies) which of course is to be expected after you leave school... ;-)

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                          We bought a laptop for our son right before he began his senior year of high school. He used his Christmas money to buy the student version of Adobe After Effects CS3 from Academic Superstore for just over $400.

                          He was so incredibly busy during his senior year that he only managed to install the software, but never had time to use it.

                          Then, he found out that the college recommended a MAC computer (which rendered the Windows version of After Effects useless). We bought a Mac laptop & he bought a SECOND (Mac) version of After Effects to take to college last month.

                          He uninstalled the Windows After Effects and DeActivated it with Adobe. And we sold the Windows laptop.

                          Being a typical college student he really needs the money back from the first package. So, we thought we could sell it and get even a little bit of his money back. When I asked Adobe if he can sell the package, the answer was no.

                          They said it is licensed to him only and no one else can register it.

                          As for the fact that he has had to pay for TWO packages, but now can only use one, their attitude was basically "too bad, so sad".

                          On their website they talk about a program to buy back an outdated program when a student buys a newer version... but apparently that doesn't apply here.

                          The Windows software was over $400, and the Mac version was also over $400 through his college program.

                          This just doesn't seem right to me. Sure wish there was another option out there for this kind of software. As far as I am concerned, Adobe has ripped off my son. Nice way to show appreciation for your loyal customer, eh?!

                          I'm not impressed.
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                            Adobe won't give you your money back but they will transfer the license.

                            Just call customer support and they will point you to the right documentation. You fill it out, fax or mail it to Adobe and they start the license transfer to the Mac, they give you a Mac serial number and access to the software download or you pay a small charge for Mac Disks to be shipped to you. I think it's about $10.

                            As far as Student licensed software, It's identical, you can use it for anything you like. Most Student Licensed software is missing some of the 3rd party components licensed to Adobe by other developers because their contracts don't include allowances for student or academic licenses.
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                              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                              As Rick points out, you've unfortunately purchased the Mac version when you didn't need to. Adobe will do a platform crossgrade via Phone Support (they send you a form, you send it back and they convert the serial number for a small administrative fee.)

                              Unfortunately, now you've made the new purchase I seriously doubt Adobe will refund the purchase price. Perhaps you could negotiate a partial credit toward your next purchase (CS4)?