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    how to get these lines/effect

      Hi guys.

      Please, could you help me a little? I am on this simple project where I have to make something similar to this:


      the thing is - I need to animate the center of these lines (anchor point), and when I move that center, lines bend in some manner, if the center of lines is in the center of the screens - lines become straight.

      Please, help if possible.

      Appreciate any input.
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          My first thought would be to use an expression to drive the angle property of the twirl effect applied to an adjustment layer.

          I'd make your line from a solid, possibly with a mask. Call it something like MasterLine. Move the anchor point to the far left center of the layer.

          Then I'd add an adjustment layer with Twirl. Tie the twirl center to the position of your MasterLine layer with an expression. You can simply create this expression with the pickwhip.

          Then I'd apply the following expression to the Angle property:
          zerox = width/2;
          zeroy = height/2;
          lineCenter = thisComp.layer("Red Solid 1").transform.position;
          bend = [zerox, zeroy] - lineCenter;
          distort = bend[0] - bend[1];
          After that I'd duplicate the Master Layer and offset the rotation of the duplicates 5º or 10º until you had you pattern established. You could either parent each of the duplicates to the MasterLayer (should probably add an 01 to the name so that the duplicates will be numbered) or use expressions to tie the position of each of the duplicates to the master. You could even use the layer index to automatically rotate each of the duplicates .

          I think this should work. At least it should get you started.
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            If you have CS3, use shape layers. It should be easy enough to get the desired effect with a simple line shape, some Twist and a Repeater.