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    Swf AE Project Crash Error workaround

      If you, like me are pulling your hair out because you crash AE whenever you open a saved project containing certain swfs I've found a workaround that seems to work pretty reliably.

      I want to tell you to start a new project and just import the offending project into that project. That almost works, but for me, it still crashes. Here's the workaround:

      Load in a swf by itself (ideally one of the same ones that are in the offending project) into a new, blank project. Create a Comp by dragging the swf onto the the little create comp icon on the bottom left of the project window. Scrub around a little. THEN... import the offending project. Voila? For me it works.

      Don't know why, but I was about to kill something when I couldn't open any of my projects or backups with these particular swfs.

      Hope this helps someone not kill something.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Thanks for providing the solution. On a technical level I think that the pertinent routines are simply not initializing correctly just by loading in a SWF. My guess is that not opening and playing the SWF does not create an isolated/ sandboxed memory area and then it crashes on successive loads because they all attempt to occupy the same memory. Certainly a bug somewhere...