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    After Effect 5.5 and Vista 32

      Hello. I searched for a thread about compatibility of Windows Vista and AF 5.5. The result brought me nothing...... So please let me submit this question. I know 5.5 is an old version, but that's all I have...... My XP has crashed..., so I do not have XP anymore..... If you are using AF 5.5 (or even older version than that)in Vista 32, please let me know. Thanks.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, if you can get it to install, it might work to some extent, but it will certainly require some manual intervention. You might need to turn off some of the visual effects in Vista and you may only be able to run it with full administrative priviliges. You may still get drawing errors and "locked" panels (panels can't be moved or resized) I also tend to think that you will encounter some not so minor issues using Quicktime and other file formats. Ultimately because of this it may not be worth the effort at all. Never tried 5.5, but while I was able to get 6.5 and 7 running on Vista, they are not really usable. It is as it stands: CS3 is the only version qualified for Vista.

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            Thank you for a reply. I have read other forums for CS and Photoshop, and read the system requirements for CS3. I was confused when I found so many issues reported although CS3 says "fully qualified for Vista 32-bit." I read a thread talking about 64-bit and CS3. It seems to me that 64-bits and more RAM works better with CS......
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              Hello. Sorry I meant AE 6.0 in my previous email.... I was trying to install AE 6.0 on Vista. Then I saw a message popped out: compatibility issue. So I quit and uninstalled. I can not use AE anymore.....!
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                Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                The first version that was developed for Windows Vista is/was After Effects CS3 (also known as 8.0.)

                Like Mylenium said, if you can get a previous AE to work, you'll be lucky.

                - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                  Pardon my jumping in with a related question, but were there ever any significant updates to AfterEffects 5.5? I ask because I just purchased a copy (from RetroSoftware) for my XP machine, and even though I've registered it with Adobe, I can't find any downloadable updates on their website. I'm not talking about plug-ins here, but actual program updates. Thanks!
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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                    No. The significant updates are the ones you pay for. :-) There was the minor 5.5.1 update that fixed a bug in one of the text effects and a few small things, but that's it. It's still available for download, so go ahead.