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    Getting crazy !

      Hi all.

      Few weeks ago i started a topic about install problems. After downloading and unpacking the files my setup.exe wont run, it doesnt respond.

      I contacted adobe technical support, the only thing they said is to call them by phone. (I wont do it,cause im only 14 years old, and its weird to talk on phone with some unknown guy, u know. While im not english either) (By phone ?? they can tell the same by email)

      Im using vista. I tried to install it on my old pc (windows Xp)
      Click (setup.exe) -> Loading ... -> Nothing happens.

      I used CS3 cleaner like 20 times, deleted every adobe map on my pc. Still nothing. Downloaded other trails from other sites. Same or other error occure.
      I really need AE for my movie crew. Me and my team are going into leaque's and we need a good intro movie.

      b *What does a 14 years old kid with AE ?*

      Believe it or not, but im good with these kind of sofware. I make videos, websites and even flash animations.

      Any possible solutions ? Without calling ?
      Thank u ! Greetings, Jordy !
      (Sorry for my english and sorry for posting again)

      b MY PC

      AMD processor 5000+ dual core
      nVidia GeForce 8500GT
      2GB ram
      500G HDD DDR2