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    AE 7 Pro Installation Failure

      In attempting to port AE 7 Pro to new (replacement) system, the installation fails with a Microsoft C++ runtime error, right after selecting English as the language.

      Computer is new Dell Precision, running WinXP SP2.

      Any thoughts, suggestions?
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          Did you run all the Windows Updates, especially .NET 1.1 and Internet EXplorer (includes all MSI installer components required for all other setup programs)? Is your hardware configured correctly (check the device manager). Are you installing to SATA disks or a RAID which may not have the right driver or BIOS settings? AMD processor with incorrectly configured SSE handling? Graphics settings? Quite a few things that could cause this, so you will have to provide some more info.

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            Thanks for the quick reply.

            When I installed AE 7 on my old machine some three years ago, I recall needing .NET Framework 2, so I made sure to put it on this machine. No change in the installation failure.

            Other applications in the Adobe family and others came back just fine: Photoshop and Illustrator CS, Audition 3, etc. So I'm guessing it's likely not an inability to read and write in the drive system. Display adapter is NVIDIA Quadro FX 570 -- seemingly working correctly, as far as basic business and still apps go.

            But now that you mention it, this new machine has a Quad Core CPU. Maybe AE 7 doesn't understand that?

            Time to push the budget a bit, a move up the scheduled upgrade to CS3, perhaps?
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              Try the solutions here:
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                Mmmh, AE itself is "processor agnostic", but it is indeed possible that a version of an system DLL may be different and the installer frowns on that. It could also be a version conflict with Audition 3, as it uses a different installer technology that may interfere with older versions. Not sure and at this point removing all applications and attempting a different install order may not do anything at all - unfortunately a "polluted" system may always retain some silly hidden file or registry setting and removing them manually is like hunting Yeti... You may get better help by managing this in a live session with phone support.

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                  Thanks for trying on this one.
                  I've been through the list of steps from the knowledge base (limiting bootup services, attempting the installation from an administrator account), and just finished trying the uninstall of Audition 3.

                  No change. Same runtime error at the beginning of AE installation.

                  Looks like it's time for a $40 phone call...

                  Craig Ross
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