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    32 bpc footage loses 'glow'


      I made a small text animation with the colour set to 32 bpc in order to achieve the bright glow thats emitted when the letters blur. I Pre-rendered and moved into another comp - I changed the colour from 8 bpc to 32 bpc and in the project window the pre-render retains the glow, however when I move it to the timeline - it disappears.

      What am I doing wrong?

      Thank you

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I'm not sure if I follow you. Did you actually pre-render to a 32bpc format? If not, your 8bpc/16bpc footage would contain normalized values that don't magically turn back in the overbrights you get with 32bpc. This also affects how they blend in 32bpc. So possibly the layer is treated correctly in technical terms, but due to the wrongly handled footage, its opacity in the glowing areas is lost. Therefore you need to decide at which depth you actually want to work and see to it to consistently create any intermediate steps at the same setting...