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    3d page turn for booklet:

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      I am using AECS3. I want to make a booklet that shows pages turning. I found a few tutorials but I have a few issues:

      How do I hide the back of the image if I use "pan behind tool" and rotate the image at the y axis (o to 180 degrees)?

      I know if I use CC Page turn, I can choose the backside but I am having issues with CC Page turn. I can turn the page fine but if I go from offset 0 to 100, the page floats away. It does not turn the page at the axis (middle of the book).

      What am I doing wrong?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          You're not doing anything wrong, presumably. All the CC effects have their alignment issues. I would guess that some sort of parenting or pre-composing trick would compensate for the floatiness, but without knowing the exact layout and structure, it is hard to give more concrete advise.

          As for your other question: No, not really. Genuine flip-flop texturing would require other tools like e.g. Buena Depth Cue. You may also get away by using Card Dance or Shatter and doing some trickery with the camera or the internal transform controls - Card Dance can have just one "card" which can be transformed using the parameter Offset controls and in Shatter you could use the Corner Pin mode instead of the comp camera to tilt your page into position. Alignment will still be tricky, though.

          If you wanna give it a spin, you could use this expression http://www.motionscript.com/design-guide/invisible-facing-away.html and modify it to your needs, e.g. by wiring it into CC composite to reveal different textures, but by its nature it will require you to have the page move cleanly in relation to the camera. Otherwise it will look rather odd if the textures pop on and off.

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            akribie Level 2
            Perhaps http://www.wrigleyvideo.com/forum/index.php?s=fadc802074b3a3ee80a1b5e580c71ba1&showtopic= 29758&pid=175967&st=0&#entry175967 might help?
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              Hi Mylenium,

              I will try that expression tip you gave me. That may do the trick.

              I also got it to work using the second trick in this tutorial:


              As for the tutorial from David J - thanks! I saw that one before but the effect I am trying to get is the following:


              Very cool.

              Thanks to you both.