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    AE crashes when I export QT

    RSA 777 Level 1
      Every time I try to export a very simple QT AE crashes.
      Work around is to export to avi and convert in QT.
      Please excuse my ineptitude as I am brand new to AE.
      I am using AE CS3 professional on a XP Pro Dell 6300.
      Thanks for a link and any other guidance to get me
      familiar with this site and proper protocol.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, what version of QT are you using? iTunes? Which CoDec? What are your comp settings? Windows XP, I take it? There's a number of possible combinations of settings that might cause crashes, like e.g. odd aspect ratios with MPEG-4 based formats, but without further info it's hard to track down anything.

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            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
            If you're having problems with After Effects, here's a bunch of troubleshooting tips:

            i http://generalspecialist.com/2007/02/troubleshooting-after-effects-7.asp

            - Jonas Hummelstrand
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              RSA 777 Level 1
              QT Pro, the latest update, 7 I believe. No itunes. Codec? I did not see an option to choose a codec, sorry. XP Pro. I will check the aspect ratios. Since I was using QT for a web application I did not think the ratio would matter. I will check. It happens with QT and mpeg4. Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry for the trouble.

              Thanks for the link. Just need something to get me started in the right direction. Flash files are working fine, but my Seminary needs flash and QT for their server.
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                You can set the specific output CoDec (compression type) under the "Options" button in the output module settings panel. However, since you say you didn't do that, it would default to Animation or Photo-JPEG - that is, if you have enabled "Enable encoding using legacy codecs" in your system's control panel for Quicktime ("Advanced" tab). Otherwise it will latch on to H.264, which might explain part of your problem. The default settings may be unsuitable and thus crash AE. Similarly, your MPEG-4 settings may be crooked and AE may not be able to correctly create the GOPs, so it crashes after the first few frames. I recommend you attempt another render and set the log options to "Plus per Frame Info". this should provide some more insights.