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    How is AE Meant to be Used with Premiere?

      I realize this is a very basic question, sorry :/

      I recently got AE after using Premiere for a bit, and I'm confused about how the two are meant to be used together. Is a scene first edited in Premiere then moved to AE then back, or is the entire video finalized in Premiere and moved to AE, orrr does AE come first? etc.

      How do most people use these two programs together? I understand AE isn't an editing program, but I'm not sure how to break down which programs do which tasks.

      Thanks in advance for any help :D
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          How you use it is pretty much your own thing, but in general people start out with a "rough cut" in Premiere for the simple reason that you do not wanna bring lots of footage into AE that you are not going to use. You simply do all hard cuts or simple dissolves. No effects or fancies that might get in the way, just basic timing and structure. After that, you can selectively copy&paste clips to AE or import the Premiere project. Then you apply whatever effects and treatments you need. To take your stuff back to Premiere, you render the sections in AE with settings that match the rest of the Premiere project or use Dynamic Link. You can then use these imported versions to overwrite/ replace the originals on the timeline. Only after that you should finessse up your project in Premiere.