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    AE issue exporting wrong animation

      hey everyone

      im not good at explaining what the issue is but ill try my best.

      basically ive created a shot 30 sec animation made up of photoshop files and a particle preset along with text and it works perfectly in sync in high resolution in the RAM preview, however when i export it some of the animation and path keyframes ive set for some of the photoshop graphics change in the export. eg the wrong size and they have different start and end positions. ive tried exporting .avi and .mov and rendering it out and the same thing happens to the same photoshop layer.

      please help its for a college assignment and i need it by saturday

      thanks anyways

      cheers leanne
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, sounds like you mix up pixel aspect ratios. Make sure your footage interpretation, composition settings and output module settings are in line. For Photoshop-based stuff, you should work in square pixels pretty much all the time. if you created your animation in the proper square pixel equivalent of an anamorphic comp for DVD/ TV output, you can easily nest everything shortly before rendering to enforce correct aspect ratio treatment. You would e.g. simply animate in a NTSC Widescreen Square comp and place that comp into a normal NTSC Widescreen comp which will be the actual output comp.

          In addition to what I already said, make sure you don't get entangled in problems by using pixel aspect ratio correction in the composition viewer and use mixed sources, so doublecheck.

          Lastly, do not use any of the crop and scale options on the render queue. instead create clean comps and resize your stuff by using nesting once again and the "Fit to Comp" functions.

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            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
            Also, make sure you render via the "Render Queue" and NOT via "File -> Export..."

            - Jonas Hummelstrand
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              Hey thanks heaps. it helped alot.

              i didnt realise that i was using the pixel aspect ratio function so i made sure that was switched off.

              i forgot to mention that i was using a 2d and 3d mixture and it turned out my camera angle was set to the front view instead of active camerva view. im still learning the program and i didnt even realise that was an option.

              thanks again for your kind help. i actually learnt something from it as well and ive fixed my comp and it looks perfect now so thanks again :D

              cheers mate