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    Squashed footage

      I would be grateful for any help with this:
      I have imported a Windows Media HD file to AE and when I see it in the composition window it is squashed together so that the person in the film looks much thinner then she is. I guess I have to change to wide screen somewhere? But the where?
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          Check the composition settings and the source footage's interpretation. AE will automatically assign interpretation based on image dimensions and a few rules and it may have assumed the wrong pixel aspect ratio. When you the create a comp from it e.g. using drag&drop on the comp icon in the project window, it will also have wrong settings. These can also be changed post-facto, though. If your footage is indeed anamorphic, make sure to turn on pixel aspect ratio correction in the composition viewer while you work.

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            Thank you so much for your help!
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              In Composition settings I have selected
              HDV 1080 25 and
              HDV1080/DVCPRO HD 720 (1,33)
              Is that what I should use for my footage that has 1440x1080? Its seems wrong but there is no better alternative...
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                Yes, if the WMV file was generated from one of these formats, that would be correct. You can however also use the full HD presets (1080x1920) and AE should automatically fit your footage based on it's internal rule set. You may just loose a tiny bit of quality along the horizontal axis due to the extra interpolation step, but that might not necessarily pose a problem for your final output.

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                  Hi, All...


                  I used to use PPRo V1.5 and never tried widescreen till now. I'm new to CS4 which I just upgraded to. I read over your answer and I'm afraid I don't understand your terminology.

                  I edited 2 hours of SD video shot with a Sony SR1, and on the monitors it looked correct. When i put it all through Adobe Media Encoder, selecting the widescreen DV output, I got squashed video when I used Nero 9 to burn the AVI to DVD!

                  Please tell me where I need to fix it so it comes out on DVD the correct width! Thanks.



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                    Hey Mario.


                    Start off by reading this section of the Help documentation for a better idea on how anamorphic footage works.

                    If you're working in NTSC, you're frame size will be 720x486 (or, 720x480 for DV), regardless of your footage being anamorphic or standard.

                    The PAR (pixel aspect ratio) is what helps determine the shape of the displayed pixels.

                    There are square pixel equivalents of the non-square 720x486 (or 480) frame sizes, but depending on your workflow, you may not choose to use compositions with those settings. You may have done everything fine within the Adobe product circle, but, perhaps in your burning software, you overlooked enabling some sort of "anamorphic" toggle. Or, you may have missed a step or two when editing/compositing.

                    Also, this is an After Effects forum, not Premiere, or AME. We can still try to help, though.

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                      ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

                      Footage that is 1440 x 1080 is generally meant to be displayed 16:9, the common HDTV aspect ratio (you are probably working with HDV footage).


                      To fix this bring up the Interpret Footage dialog and change the Pixel Aspect Ratio to HDV 1080 / 1.33.


                      If this helps, please mark the question as Answered.


                      --chris prosser

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                        Hi, TR, hi, Chris...


                        Thanks for your reply. TR, I certainly will look at that link.


                        Following up with a question, if I may, could you let me have some advice about ingesting Widescreen video.

                        If I have widescrenn video from A Sony SR1 recording to AVCHD qith 5.1 sound, and I'm editing with a video from a Sony Z1 shooting in DVCAM, both in widescreen why does the SR1 video show a smaller frame than the DVCAM video?

                        Is that something to do with the pixels in one of the cameras putting out a smaller 'widescreen'?

                        Thanks for your patience...



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                          ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

                          Alas, your questions about those camera's are outside of my domain of knowlege. I don't have any sample footage and have no idea about those formats and their dimensions.