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    Problems whenever I try to move something

      Why is it that whenever I try to move a layer of a photoshop file picture that I am trying to animate in After effects cs3 the whole picture goes completely pixilated? Ive tried everything from adjusting the picture size and resolution to the file type. Does anyone have any Idea what the problem is???
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Do you mean temporarily? When you have previews switched to adaptive resolution (in the list-box in the comp preview window) , that's exactly what AE does - it renders previews at whatever resolution it is capable, until you stop scrubbing and it will render a still at the currently-selected resolution.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Yepp, the behavior is perfectly normal. To completely avoid it, you'd have to work with

            a) use OpenGL all the time
            b1) only use hardware accelerated effects or
            b2) use simple 3D comps
            c) have a decent graphics card (at least in terms of onbord memory)
            d) have disks that can provide the footage with enough speed

            Neither of the above is feasible for every project every time, so there you go... In your case I'd say you're underpowered. Unless the layer is extremely large, AE should not switch into adaptive res on a halfway modern computer just when moving a layer. Even on my now 3.5 year old P4 here at home that really is no issue...

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              Thank You Andrew Yoole! when I switched it to adaptive resolution it cleared the problem right up! I can finally animate again!!