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    After Effects glow in Premiere Pro

      A post from the Premiere Pro Section of the forum if any AE users can help me out:

      Hey all, I'm new to using the Adobe family, and CS3. I have slapped together a short entry animation of some text in AE. I just used one of the preset animations (can't even remember which one...), and applied a glow on an adjustment layer.

      I have imported the .aep file into Premiere Pro, and it works fine. I trimmed the length to something appropriate, copy and pasted my trimmed clip back into the timeline (inside Premiere Pro), then reversed the second clip (inside Premiere Pro) so I would get my text bouncing in, pausing for a little, then bounce out.

      All well and good, however the glow effect doesn't seem to have rendered at all, ONLY on the reversed clip. When I do a playback in Premiere, it looks fine, just when rendering, I lose the glow.

      I could of course render my comp in AE, and then reimport and reverse the resultant redered clip, but wanted to avoid that if possible.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Mmh, sounds odd. I'm a lamer when it comes to Premiere and Dynamic Link, but this sounds like it is not initializing it due either concurrent resource usage (Glow is a hardware accelerated AE effect) or a timecode mismatch that screws realtime ability. This would not apply to reversed footage as it forces automatically in software mode. I would, just to test, turn off OpenGL in AE's prefs and possibly even move the OpenGL plugin outside of the AE directory (it's in Support Files/Plug-ins/Extensions). Maybe that can prevent the issues when Premiere initialises the slave instance of AE...